Heuk Gwan Jang

Try the Ginsenosides to Develop Your Immunity

Heuk Gwan Jang: Korean Black Ginseng 


Heuk Gwan Jang is using the optimal method called “Goojeunggoopo (Repetitive steaming and drying 6 years old Korean ginseng 9 times, to maximize the Ginsenosides for Black Ginseng).” As a result of Goojeunggopo, it increased in the contents of phenolic compounds, reducing sugars and acidic polysaccharides in addition to the decrease in concentrations of free amino acids and total polysaccharides.

AHA Store and Korean Heuksam Ltd. Wishes global people enjoy the Heuksam(black ginseng) products and be healthier. Our manufacturing is GAP-certified and HACCP-certified to build product standards with the Korean National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service. All products are certified by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

We will do our best to produce the highest quality products and we will provide Heuk Gwan Jang that can preserve customer’s health and better immunity.

흑관장 로고


Heuk Gwan Jang